We’re partnering with GrassRoots Farm for Pastured Poultry Week July 7-13!
You are invited to join us in two ways!

We will be including a GrassRoots Farm chicken menu item during the entire Pastured Poultry Week!


Join us for our “Know your Farmer. Know your food.” Chicken Dinner. Brandon Chonko owner/operator of Grassroots Farm will help us host a five course chicken dinner on Thursday, July 10th.


                                               First Course

                             chicken consommé egg drop soup.

                                 leek nest. green onion. chili oil.


                                           Second Course

                                     chicken liverpate. brioche.

                      pickled red onion. plump mustard seeds. frisee.



                                              Third Course

                     corn flake fried chicken thigh. watermelon curry.

                 pickled watermelonrind. verjus bubbles. shiso. grapes.

                                                 rose champ

                                             Fourth Course

                   grilled chicken breast. roasted red pepper puree.

   oyster mushrooms. caramelized onion. tillamok cheddar foam.gnocchi.



            chicken fried egg yolk custard. boiled peanut ice cream.

                                       Yukon gold potato chips.

                                              sherry or madeira


7:00pm reception. 7:30pm seating.

*$58/pp for the five course dinner. $35/pp for half glass wine pairings.

Reservations required. For reservations, call 404-347-9055 or email

For more information on Brandon’s story, visit

Join Woodfire Grill for a Guided Wine Tasting Series!
Join Woodfire Grill`s owner and wine director, Nicolas Quinones, ashe curates a series of wine tastings this summer. The four-part series takesplace on the last Thursday of each month starting June 26th through September25th and will feature eight of Nick`s selections from around the world, eachguaranteed to refresh and stimulate your palate and your thinking about wine.

Thursday, June 26: Pink wines. Every year spring delivers a rush ofthe previous year`s Rose harvest. The rush is over, and Nicolas Quinones hassifted through much of the onslaught to present you eight of the wines he`llhave in his fridge all summer long. These wines will cover varied geography andgeology, but all will be dry, refreshing and absolutely stimulating for red andwhite wine drinkers alike.

Thursday, July 31: The biodynamic difference. Biodynamic farmers encourage life in the soil and in the vineyard in an attempt to guide a cohesive, interconnected ecosystem. When natural agricultural balance is achieved, the resulting wines produce a refined and expressive sense of terroir. Eight organically farmed, vegan, low sulfite, soil driven wines will be poured and each of them will be singular in their taste of place.

Thursday, August 28: Summer Whites of the Loire: In the heat of summer, what better way to cool off than to enjoy a light, chilled glass of Vouvray on that swing on your front porch? The Loire Valley can offer so many ways to refresh from Muscadet on the Atlantic Ocean all the way to tropical and chalky Sancerre. The Loire River stretches 629 miles from the coast, reaching out toward Paris before turning south, irrigating a fertile valley that yields some of the most pleasurable and diverse white wines in the world. 

Thursday, September 25: Gamay, the darling of Sommeliers everywhere. Beaujolais is the home of Gamay, and at their best, the various towns of the region can produce wines of remarkable character and age-worthiness. These wines possess vibrancy and balance while presenting depth and complexity. Beaujolais Nouveau will not be considered at this tasting, this is strictly for Village and Cru Beaujolais.

$20 per person. Reservations required. Reservations are available from 6-8pm on the day of the event. 

 Call 404-347-9055 or email to book today.



Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival 2014
 It’s time for the 6th Annual Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival! On July 20th from 1:00pm – 5:00pm, Woodfire Grill will be among 40 top chefs, 17 mixologists and 30 farmers who are all teaming up to create the tastiest tomato concoctions to help raise money for Georgia Organics and The Giving Kitchen. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit